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Our Work

This is our project page! Here we've selected a few of our favourite works from past projects to showcase to our clients. We've included a brief synopsis of the work completed and a rough price guide for each one. 

Due to each project being bespoke, these prices are for guides only. To discuss the pricing of you project with a member of the team, drop us a message on our contact page and we will be able to advise further.

Italian Skyline


Hand Drawn Italian Skyline

This was a bespoke mural created for a lounge archway. The design was designed and sketched out by hand initially, then hand painted across an 8 metre area. 

This project took roughly 1 week to complete, from initial design to completion. 


Night Sky Ceiling

For this project, we gave the walls a fresh lick of paint and created a night sky effect on the ceiling. We laid down base colour and then added hand painted stars. 

This project took 5 days to complete. 



En Suite Repaint

This was a lovely little repaint of an En Suite bathroom. We stripped it down to basics and refreshed the entire feel of the room. We also blocked and top coated all the wooden features within the room, to give it a more modern look without having to rip out any of the original features.

This took a day to complete from start to finish. 


Room Wallpapering

Here we hung wallpaper across 2 walls in a bedroom and around a door frame. Again, this gave the room a whole new look without having to completely redecorate! 

This took just under 2 days to complete.

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